Often asked: How To Lock Samsung Double Door Fridge?

Does Samsung refrigerator have lock?

Samsung refrigerators have a few different lock functions, depending on what model you have. These include Control Lock, Child Lock, and Dispenser Lock. The locks are useful for keeping your kids from messing with the settings, or accidentally changing something when you bump against the panel.

How do I lock my Samsung digital inverter refrigerator?

The Child Lock function prevents accidental setting changes on the refrigerator’s control panel. To use the Child Lock function, press Child Lock button for 3 seconds. Also, the Water and Ice dispenser will NOT work when the Child Lock function is engaged on 2008 models and newer.

Can you lock a fridge door?

A latch-based lock can only keep children from opening the fridge, but installing a padlock-based lock will keep anyone out of the appliance. This lock also keeps your fridge doors intact when moving a fridge freezer from one home to another. The application will keep your fridge locked or unlocked at your convenience.

How do I lock my Samsung refrigerator?

To turn on Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds. The Control Lock icon will be displayed indicating that the lock has been activated. The display and the dispenser buttons will be locked. To turn off the Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds.

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How do I unlock the water on my Samsung refrigerator?

To unlock your ice/water dispenser, press the lock pad three times in 10 seconds. The indicator will light up above the lock pad. To lock it, press the lock pad three times in 10 seconds.

How do I lock my freezer?

Locking a Pre-Installed Lock

  1. Load the freezer and set the desired temperature by adjusting the dial located on either side of the unit.
  2. Close the chest freezer door securely.
  3. Push the key in the lock and turn the lock to the right.
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe the freezer surface where the lock will be placed.

How do you put a lock on a freezer door?

How to Replace Locks on Freezer Door

  1. Unplug your freezer as a safety precaution.
  2. Unscrew the screws from the existing lock.
  3. Organize your new lock kit.
  4. Attach the new lock to the freezer with the appropriate parts and the screwdriver.
  5. Plug your freezer in and test your new lock by locking and unlocking it several times.

Are fridge locks illegal?

Another reason to use a refrigerator door lock is to stop someone you live with from raiding your own fridge. So for instance, if you have your own refrigerator in your room and your roommate keeps stealing your snacks, it’s completely legal to use a lock to stop him or her from eating your own food.

Why do people lock their fridges?

Locking a fridge will at times prevent family members from having free access to food they shouldn’t be eating. At times a locked refrigerator door can prevent even adults from having access to food that is off limits. Sometimes, it might be food you’re prepared for a special occasion.

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Can you drill a hole in a fridge door?

As long it’s the door should be no problems provided there are no wires or plumbing for through -the- door water/ice that you might drill into. The screws don’t attach to the sheet metal panel or wrap (it’s flimsy and would flex), they pass through that and thread deeper into the door.

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